Пакет Mathcad - Дополнения к софту

Дополнительный инструментарий для совместной работы с Mathcad 2000 Professional

1. DataFilt- Implements Data Smoothing Using Built-In Mathcad Functions
2. Fft -Fast Fourier Transform Example
3. FileConv- File Conversion Example
4. ParamCur- Drawing 3D Parametric Curves
5. Plasma2- Illustrates the Use of Many Components
6. Plot3D1- Example Using a Stand-Alone 3D Graph Component
7. Spirogr- Stepped Spirograph Example
8. Target- Moving Target Game
9. Traject- Projectile Trajectory
10. Vdpol- Van der Pol’s Equation
11. Wavefrm- Series of Examples Illustrating Data Manipulation and Display
12. MathCad Add-in For Autocad

Data Files Used In Various Examples
1. SRSgr3D -Gridded 3D surface data file
2. TPgr3D-Gridded 3D surface data file
3. Crvdata -Excel data for the Curve Fitting project
4. MultWF- Multiple waveforms stored in an Excel file
5. Waveform - Single waveform stored in an Excel file

Files referenced in the MathConnex Getting Started Guide
1. CrvFit -Mathcad worksheet for the Curve Fitting project
2. Curvefit- The Curve Fitting MathConnex Project

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